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Gambling Interest Money Turned Down By Slots Opponents In Md.

The state of Maryland has a heated battle going on between groups that want slot machine expansion in the state and their opponents. The opponents even include members with actual gambling interests.

The opponents of the expanded slots, however, are not being so quick to run and get support from the gambling interests groups. In fact, they have made it very clear that they do not want campaign money from the groups.

StopSlotsMaryland and Marylanders United To Stop Slots have both come out and vowed not to accept any campaign money from groups with gambling interests. That move comes even as those groups money would go a long way in helping in the fight against slot expansion.

The groups have offered up the money because although they are in the gambling business, they fear that expansion could hurt their existing business. They have joined the fight against expanded slots gambling even though the two groups appear to be fighting from different corners.

While some groups have turned down the money, others have not ruled out the possibility of accepting contributions. For Maryland, Our Future has said that they would still consider accepting contributions from the gambling interest groups.

Two Senators Trying To Stop Barden Refinancing Plan For Casino

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Don Barden has been treading on shallow water for a long time in Pittsburgh, and he is now starting to accumulate enemies. That is not a good position for him to be in when he is waiting approval of a refinancing plan for his casino project.

Two Pittsburgh area Senators are asking the state Gaming Control Board to not rush into a decision on the refinancing plan. They are seeking that the license issued to Barden be revoked and that it is once again opened up to new applicants.

They claim that the casino license issued to him was under his original proposal, and that due to his current financial problems that the original agreement, “is no longer financially viable. The proper response of this board is to revoke the license issued..”, and the board should, “re-open the license to a competitive process that will include new applicants.”

There were two other applicants originally for the casino license in Pittsburgh. Forest City and Isle of Capri both submitted proposals before the decision was made in December of 2006 to award Barden the license.

If Senators Jane Orie and Jim Ferlo are to get their way, they will have to move quickly. Barden is finalizing his plan to refinance the casino project. Neil Bluhm, the new head of the project could ask the Gaming Control Board to approve a license transfer as soon as the end of this week.

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