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Gambling In New Zealand Down Eleven Percent In March

New Zealand is no different than other countries when it comes to gambling trends. The country experienced a drop in revenue in the March quarter of eleven percent.

A number of factors could be used in determining why the numbers have decreased. The hot summer is what most people are pointing towards, claiming people did not want to go out in the heat.

One group that was highly appreciative of the drop in gambling was the Problem Gambling Foundation. They are pleased to see that people are choosing to stay away from gambling.

“Whatever the reason, it is great news. If this becomes a trend we will soon see the pokie trusts packing their bags and slinking out of town,” said Chief Executive of the Foundation, John Stansfield.

The government is taking a harder stance on gambling in the area, and the effect of their harsher stance could be the decrease in gambling. The Foundation has also been working to supply information about the dangers of gambling.

Their efforts may finally be paying off. With gas and food prices rising, people also have less money to spend on leisurely activities such as gambling.

More Unionization Could Be Coming To Foxwoods Casino

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Unions are becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to casino workers. For years, workers have been at the mercy of casino owners, but recently, that has begun to change.

A vote is set for today by maintenance workers, electricians, carpenters, and others, that will decide whether or not these groups will join the International Union of Operating Engineers. The workers are from the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

This is not the first time that union representation has come up at the casino. Back in November, dealers and table game operators voted to join the United Auto Workers Union.

That vote is being challenged in court, with both sides flinging allegations at the other. The casino feels the vote was done inappropriately, while the union claims that people were persuaded by the casino to vote against the union.

The casino’s owners, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, has contested the vote for the dealers to join the union. So far, the vote has not been overturned and the Auto Workers Union has already gone to work for the dealers.

The trend of joining unions has become a popular one at casinos around the United States. For years, workers have had to deal with whatever conditions the casinos they worked in set forth. Now, with the help of unions, they have already seen one of their main concerns, smoking, be eliminated in many of their workplaces.

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