World Series Of Poker Month Has Arrived At Las Vegas Casinos


The World Series of Poker used to be just another event in the long list of options in Las Vegas each year. Now, with the economic recession collapsing profits at many Sin City casinos, the WSOP is looked at as a savior.

Thousands of people will start piling into Las Vegas over the next couple of months, some even starting to arrive this upcoming week. The WSOP takes place from the end of May until the middle of July, and for that month and a half, Las Vegas is buzzing with gamblers sitting at the card tables.

It is not just the table game revenue that will receive a bump from the increase in gamblers. Slot machines will be packed as well with poker players who had to take a break after days of sitting at the poker tables. Slots provides just enough relief for players who need a break.

“I have come to Las Vegas for the WSOP for the past five years,” said William Brussel, who arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday afternoon. “I spend most of my time at the poker tables, but I do play quite a bit of slots also. I like to take a break from poker, but I don’t like going far from the action, so the slots are the perfect landing place.”

The WSOP this year will be much different than in the past. A federal crackdown has thrown online poker players into a frenzy, and many are scrambling to get tickets to Las Vegas at the last minute. The lack of online action has caused some players to make last-minute travel adjustments.

“I usually like to play online during the WSOP, because many players abandon their online accounts and go to Las Vegas during the WSOP,” said Frank Charros. “That leaves only mostly amateurs playing at online sites, and that is where I can usually take advantage and make a nice pay day.”

This year, with his accounts closed off at PokerStars and Full Tilt, Charros has decided to take the trip to Sin City to test his skills against the best players in the world.

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