World Series Of Poker Update: Eleven Players Left In Main Event


Tuesday was an eventful day at the World Series of Poker. After several months of action, play was supposed to conclude with the final table being set for November. Instead, play continued into the night, and has now carried over into Wednesday on the East Coast.

With twenty-seven players starting the day hoping to make the final table, action was slow to start. Within no time, however, player started to be eliminated, and with the stakes high, only eleven remain. Play will continue until the final nine players are set.

Several of the players who had been near the top of the chip stacks all the way through, were eliminated. Konstantinos and Ryan Lenaghan had both spent time in the top five positions, but they bowed out of the main event in thirteenth and sixteenth, respectively. Sam Barnhart finished his tournament in seventeenth. Eoghan O’Day is the chip leader, with almost $40 million chips.

The final round of players has some heavy hitters in the poker community. Matt Giannetti has cashed eleven times in his WSOP career, and Badih Bounahra has been regarded as one of the toughest players at this year’s main event. Khoa Nguyen is the short stack, holding just under nine million chips.

Play will continue through the night until the November Nine has been reached, at that time, play will be suspended for several months, and the main event will resume on November 5th. Once play resumes, the nine finalists will play until there is a winner, with the tournament scheduled to conclude on November 7th. The winner will take home the gold bracelet and over $8 million in first place prize money.

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